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Friday, February 18 2022

The Directory is an ever-growing resource where you can explore real-life vehicle profiles and scale models that have been produced to represent them.


Vehicle Profiles




  • Explore thousands of vehicles from across the globe


  • Read fascinating information about each type including where they were built and when, their top speed etc.


  • See all of the models produced of this vehicle in different scales


Scale Model Toolings

  • Browse models by tooling to see which manufacturer has made one and when


  • Explore all the different variations and features present on each tooling


  • See all the different models produced from it and find links to buy them (if they're in stock) or add them to your wishlist


Directory Hub Areas

Directory Homepage

See all the different areas of our Directory in one place


Use the Search Tool to find model & vehicle profiles

Our lightning-fast search tool lets you search for anything you'd like to learn more about. Try searching for your favourite locomotive or model to browse content relating to it.


Explore by Vehicle Type

In the "Vehicle & Scale Model Directory" section - we have compiled some of the most popular vehicle types from each country into simple sections. Allowing you to easily find what you're looking for in one place.


View Vehicles by Country

In the "Vehicle Profiles by Country" section you'll find our entire list of vehicle profiles, split by their country of origin.


Browse Manufacturer Catalogues

This section provides details of previous manufacturer catalogues and all of the models that were announced within them.


View our Formation Guides

Learn about different train formations across the eras and see which products you need to recreate them in miniature.


View Liveries & Operators by Country

Explore a selection of livery schemes used by operators across the world. You can also view any products that have been produced in each livery.


View Locomotive & Rolling Stock Emblems

Read all about the different emblems and iconography used on British Railways from the Big Four era to the end of nationalisation in the 1990s.


Learn about Rolling Stock Coupling Types

This guide details the different model coupling types used across a variety of scales.







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