SR 'Caroline' Inspection Saloon Profile and Models

SR 'Caroline' Inspection Saloon

975025 at Kingsthorpe, Northampton in December 2016. ©Dan Adkins

975025 'Caroline', originally the Southern Region General Manager's Saloon, is an inspection saloon used for rail inspection duties on the railway network in Great Britain, and which has historically been used as a VIP excursion train on several occasions. The vehicle was originally built in 1958 at Eastleigh Works as type AZA trailer restaurant buffet car (TRB) S60755, for a British Rail Class 203 diesel-electric multiple-unit No. 1036. It was previously the Southern Region General Manager's Saloon, having been converted at Stewarts Lane Depot for that purpose in 1969 and re-numbered as 975025 in 1978. As of 2012 the saloon has had push–pull train controls similar to a driving van trailer for a period of several decades, to allow it to remotely control an accompanying locomotive.

Type of Vehicle

Inspection Saloon

Builder/ Converter

BR Eastleigh Works
(Originally built as an AZA Buffet car for a Class 203 DEMU)
Stewarts Lane Depot
(Converted to Inspection Saloon)

Build Dates

(Converted from 1969 and had other modifications later in life)

Total Built


Wheel Configuration

2 x bogies

Operated By

British Rail
Network Rail
Victa Westlink Rail

Main Duties

Track inspection
VIP excursions

In Service Until


Surviving Examples