2-6-2T Class 2MT Ivatt LMS Profile and Models

2-6-2T Class 2MT Ivatt LMS

41312 at Medstead and Four Marks on the Mid Hants Railway in April 2021. ©Hugh Llewelyn

The London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) Ivatt Class 2 2-6-2T is a class of light 'mixed-traffic' steam locomotive introduced in 1946. The LMS had various elderly tank engines and the operating department required a new small class 2 locomotive to replace them. Noting that the Great Western Railway 4500 and 4575 Classes of 2-6-2T ('Prairie') had been successful, George Ivatt designed the new engine type incorporating self-emptying ashpans and rocking grates which were labour-saving devices. The last thirty Crewe-built engines, 41290–41319, were allocated to the Southern Region from new. The rest were London Midland Region engines. Some were also allocated to the Western Region of BR in the 1950s and 1960s such as numbers 41202, 41203 and 41249 which were shedded at Bristol Bath Road in 1959. They spent their lives mostly on branch line work. The class were withdrawn between 1962 and 1967 and four have survived into preservation.

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Type of Locomotive



LMS & BR Crewe Works
BR Derby Works

Build Date

1946 to 1952

Total Built


Tractive Effort

17,400 lbf

Wheel Configuration


Operated By

London, Midland & Scottish Railway
British Railways

Main Duties

Mixed Traffic

In Service Until


Surviving Examples



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Scale Brand Image Construction Type DCC Capability Product Code Product Title Livery
OO Gauge (1:76 Scale) Amer Collection No image available RTR/RTUse/Pre-assembled Not set GBL38
Ivat 2MT 2-6-2T 41302 in BR black - static model - not motorised Awaiting Categorisation
OO Gauge (1:76 Scale) Crownline Model Products Ltd. 59-Crownline LMS/BR Ivatt Class 2 Tank Conversion kit Requires assembly Not set 59-Crownline
LMS/BR Ivatt Class 2 Tank Conversion kit Awaiting Categorisation
O Gauge (1:43 Scale) DJH Model Railway Kits No image available Requires assembly Not set K302
LMS Ivatt class 2P 2-6-2t (Later 2P/2F;2MT) Awaiting Categorisation