Get some ideas for how to use the forthcoming Hattons Originals 4 & 6 wheel coaches, with our example formations!

Genesis 4 & 6 Wheel Coaches - Formations Guide

Wednesday, October 09 2019

SECR O1 with 4 and 6 wheel coaches at Bluebell Railway

SECR Class 01 No. 65 hauls a rake of coaches at the Bluebell Railway. ©Matthew Nightingale

In the mid to late 1800s, the many operating companies in the UK were producing their own versions of the 4 and 6 wheel coach, which introduced many features onto the railways - lighting, continuous braking and even upholstered seats for all passengers. This led to them being a very common sight. 

Many designs consisted of only a handful of coaches, built to fill a specific need. These would also only wear the colours of the company they were built for.  A good number were absorbed at the 1923 grouping and some found new leases of life on branches that were in need of simple stock to run on them. Some were taken into departmental stock or used by sheds and depots as simple stores vans and used until the 1950s.

The formations below showcase varied trains you can create with the forthcoming Hattons Originals OO gauge Genesis 4 & 6 wheel coaches.

Hattons Genesis 4 and 6 wheel coach Formation Diagram



Passenger Services

West Midlands local - 1890s

A West Midlands stopping service hauled by GWR Dean Goods 0-6-0 in Great Western Green.



South Wales Miners' Train - 1930s
GWR Andrew Barclay 0-4-0ST hauls a short rake of coaches for local miners.



London - Cambridge Express - 1900s
GNR C1 4-4-2 hauling a full express rake of teak coaches.



North London Suburban - 1920s
A GNR Class N2 0-6-2T hauls a rake of coaches in this iconic suburban service.



WCML Express Train - 1890s
Early West Coast Main Line express services were often hauled by an LNWR Prcedent 2-4-0 locomotive or similar.



North West Local Passenger - 1910s
A local stopping service hauled by an LNWR Webb Coal Tank 0-6-2T.



SECR Boat Train - 1910s
An SECR D Class 4-4-0 hauls a prestigious boat train rake.



SECR Local Passenger - 1910s
The SECR's P Class 0-6-0T fleet often hauled short passenger rakes early in their lives.



Midlands Local - 1920s
A later Midlands stopper service sees a Johnson Class 1532 0-4-2T haul a short rake.



Scottish Branch Line Train - 1920s
A Class J36 0-6-0 hauls a rake of 6 wheel coaches in LNER pre-war brown livery.



Isle of Wight - 1930s
A common Terrier hauled passenger rake on the Isle of Wight.



BR Works Train - 1950s
A Black 5 4-6-0 hauls a works train to a job site for track laying & maintenance, which also includes Warwells (WW), Dogfish (DF) and Grampus (GP) wagons.



BR Breakdown Crane - 1950s
A Class 31 hauls a breakdown train used for maintenance and emergencies.







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