The sheer variety of classic diesel traction in use in Scotland during Era 8 makes it a fascinating place for plenty of modellers.

Scotland Era 8 Formations Diagram

Thursday, February 21 2019

Scotland - Era 8

A map of Scotland. © Rail Map Online & OpenStreetMap

The sheer variety of classic diesel locomotives in use on passenger and freight services in Scotland makes the area popular with many modellers, especially those replicating the 1980s and early 1990s when new liveries and services began to flourish across the ScotRail network.

This diagram showcases some of the formations that could commonly be seen in Scotland during the 1980s and early 1990s. We've covered a selection of passenger and freight services, with a wide mixture of locomotives and rolling stock to provide realistic and fascinating services for your layout.

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Passenger Services

COACH KEY: b/g = BR blue and grey

16:05 Fort William - Mallaig


  Class 20 Mk1 SK b/g Mk1 BSK b/g Mk1 SK b/g    


2K10 Kirkcaldy - Edinburgh


  Class 27 Mk1 TSO b/g x3 Mk2a TSO b/g Mk1 BG b/g    


09:30 Edinburgh - Glasgow Queen Street


  Mk2F DBSO Mk3a TSO x4 Class 47      
* *
* *      


16:35 Glasgow - Fort William


  Class 37 Mk2a BSO b/g Mk2a TSO b/g Mk1 SK b/g Mk1 TSO b/g Mk1 BSK b/g
* *


10:00 Kings Cross - Aberdeen



Class 43

Mk3 TGS Mk3 TSO x4 Mk3 TRFB Mk3 TF x2 Class 43
* * * * *
*          *


17:12 Dundee - Montrose 


  Class 37 Mk2a TSO b/g x3 Mk1 BSK b/g      


1C89 Aberdeen - Carstairs Mail

Jun 1988

  Class 47 Mk1 BG b/g Mk1 Dia 733 PSB Mk1 Dia 732 PS Mk1 Dia 726 PSr x2  

PSB = Postal Stowage Brake, PS = Postal Stowage, PSr = Postal Sorting


Freight Services

Dalston - Grangemouth

Jan 1985

  Class 37 TTA x18        


Millerhill Speedlink


  Class 26 SPA HEA rf HEA br TTA  

rf = Railfreight, br = Brown


Thornton Jn - Millerhill Coal


  Class 56 HAA x 24        
* *


Mossend - Fort William Speedlink


  Class 37 ECC Silver Bullet x2 TTA x2      

* - Not in current catalogue, may be available as a pre-owned item
# - some modifications required



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