Our formations diagram for the End of Steam on British Rail in the late-60s, with realistic rakes from across the North West!

End of BR Steam Formations - Era 6

Friday, February 15 2019

End of BR Steam - Era 6

70013 leads 1T57 "The Fifteen Guinea Special" at Ribblehead. Photo by David Rostance.

This diagram showcases some of the formations that could commonly be seen in the North West of England in the years leading up to 1968. We've covered a selection of passenger and freight services, with a wide mixture of locomotives and rolling stock to provide realistic and fascinating services for your layout. Click the photo icon to the right hand side to see a real life prototype photo or video.

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Passenger Services

COACH KEY: b/g = BR blue and grey, mr = BR maroon

1T57 Manchester Victoria - Carlisle


  Class 7P Mk1 BSO mr Mk1 TSO b/g Mk1 RK b/g Mk1 TSO b/g Mk1 TSO mr Mk1 TSO bg x2 Mk1 RK bg Mk1 TSO bg Mk1 BSO mr
^ ^
# ^ ^ ^ ^


1T80 Liverpool Exchange - Glasgow


  Class 9F Mk1 BSK mr Mk1 CK mr Mk1 RU b/g Mk1 TSO mr x2 Mk1 TSO b/g Mk1 BSO mr      


08:35 Barrow - Euston


  Black 5 Mk1 TSO b/g Mk1 CK mr Mk1 BSK b/g Mk1 SK mr Mk1 SK b/g Mk1 BSK mr      


1P39 Barrow - Lancaster Castle


  Class 47 Mk1 BSO b/g Mk1 SK b/g Mk1 TSO b/g Mk1 SK b/g Mk1 CK b/g Mk1 BSK b/g      
* * * * *      


Rose Grove Parcels



Class 8F

Mk1 BG b/g LNER BG mr x2 Mk1 GUV mr Mk1 BG mr GWR Siphon G Mk1 BG b/g Mk1 GUV mr    
* * * * *


Blackpool - Manchester Parcels 


  Black 5 Mk1 GUV mr x2 PMV LMS PIII full brake Mk1 GUV mr 12t van x2        


Barrow - Carlisle Parcels


  Class 28 LMS PIII full brake Mk1 BG b/g Mk1 GUV mr Mk1 CCT mr          



Freight Services

Lancaster Local Coal


  Class 4MT Mid land 20t brake BR 20t brake 16t mineral wagon x12          


Ulverston - Carnforth Goods


  Class 4MT TTA 5 plank wagon x2 16t mineral wagon BR 20t brake      


Manchester - North Goods with Banker


  Class 8F 16t mineral wagon x20 12t van x4 BR 20t brake Class 5MT        

* - Not in current catalogue, may be available as a pre-owned item
# - some modifications required
^ - item is similar to the rolling stock required


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