We've headed down to the Western Region to explore some fascinating rakes from Era 7!

West of England Era 7 - Formations Guide

Sunday, February 10 2019

West of England - Era 7

This diagram showcases some of the formations that could commonly be seen in the West of England between the early-1970s and mid -1980s. We've covered a variety of passenger and freight services, with a wide mixture of locomotives and rolling stock to provide realistic and fascinating services for your layout. Click the photo icon to the right hand side to see a real life prototype photo or video.

Use the interactive diagram to see what products you need or scroll down to download/ print your own poster.


Passenger Services

1V34 Kensington Olympia - St Austell Motorail 1973
Products used: Class 52Mk1 TSO x2Mk1 SKMk1 RMB*Mk1 FKMk1 SKMk1 BSKCarflat x6 (Video shows similar formation)
16:00 Bristol - Weymouth 1970
Products used: Class 35SR PMV*Mk1 TSO x2Mk1 SKMk1 BSK
Exeter - Paignton 1976
Products used: Class 25Mk1 TSOMk1 BSKMk1 CKMk1 SK
Plymouth - Newcastle 1978
Products used: Class 45Mk2a BFK*Mk2a TSO x6*Mk1 RU*Mk1 RFO*Mk2a TSO*Mk2a BSO x2
Plymouth - Paddington 1978
Products used: Class 50*Mk2F TSOMk2F FOMk1 RMB*Mk2F TSO x6Mk1 BG
08:00 Plymouth - Paddington 1980
Products used: Class 43 HST*Mk3 TF x2*Mk3 TRUB*Mk3 TS x4*Class 43 HST*
18:22 Paignton - Exeter 1982  
Products used: Class 31*Mk1 BSKMk1 CKMk1 TSO


Freight Services

Bristol Trip Working 1972
Products used: Class 42*12t van x4VAA x2*12t van
Moorswater - Fowey Clay Hoods 1976
Products used: Class 25China Clay Hood x6*
19:07 Westbury Cement - Exeter Central 1976
Products used: Class 52Preflo x26*
Exeter Parcels 1982
Products used: Class 47Mk1 GUV x3*Mk1 BGMk1 GUV

* - Not in current catalogue, may be available as a pre-owned item
# - some modifications required


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