Take a look at the realistic rakes that you can produce with British Rail Mk2F coaches from Bachmann and Hornby.

British Rail Mk2F Coaches - Formations Guide

Thursday, February 07 2019

Mk2F Coaches

The handy diagram below shows you some of the formations you can produce with model Mk2F coaching stock from either Hornby or Bachmann. We've covered a range of services across the country, with a variety of locos from both British Rail and post-privatisation eras, which shows how they can be run on quite a range of layouts, in several different rakes.

1983 Newcastle - Poole Cross Country  
Products used: Class 45*Mk1 BGMk2F TSO x3Mk1 RMB*Mk2F FO x2Mk2F BSO
1985 Edinburgh Waverley - Glasgow Queen Street  
Products used: Mk2F DBSOMk2a TSO x3Mk2a FKClass 47*
1987 Scotland - South West Cross Country  
Products used: Class 47Mk1 BGMk2F TSO (BR) x2Mk2F TSO (Intercity) x1Mk2F TSO (BR) x1Mk2F FOMk1 RUMk2F FOMk2F BSO
1989 Aberystwyth - London Euston  
Products used: Class 37/4Mk2F BSOMk2F TSO x4Mk2F FO
1989 Glasgow - Plymouth  
Products used: Class 90Mk1 RU*Mk2F TSO x3, Mk2F BSOMk2F TSO x3Mk1 BG


1998 Edinburgh - Bournemouth  
Products used: Class 58*Mk2F RFBMk2F TSO x4 (Intercity)Mk2F TSO (Virgin)Mk2F BSO
1998 - 2003 Virgin Cross Country
Products used: Class 47*Mk2F RFBMk2F TSO x5Mk2F BSO


Current Day Edinburgh - Glenrothes
Products used: Class 68*Mk2F TSO x3Mk2F BSOMk2F TSO x2

* - Not in current catalogue, may be available as a pre-owned item

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