0-4-0STT Ffestiniog 'Large England' Profile and Models

0-4-0STT Ffestiniog 'Large England'

5 'Welsh Pony' at Porthmadog Harbour in July 2021. ©Ian Gratton

By 1867, traffic on the Festiniog Railway had outgrown the capabilities of the four new Small Englands, so an order for two further locomotives was placed with George England and Co. In the light of the experience with the initial class, these two new locomotives were built to a larger and improved design and they are known as the Large England class. Welsh Pony and Little Giant were delivered in 1867 and had saddle tanks fitted instead of side tanks. They also had a longer wheelbase and larger driving wheels than the Small Englands, to counteract the smaller locomotives' "violent vertical oscillations". 

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Type of Locomotive



George England & Co

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Ffestiniog Railway

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OO9 Narrow Gauge