YMO/ YMA Salmon bogie flat Profile and Models

YMO/ YMA Salmon bogie flat

YWA 996970 at Northampton in May 2015. ©Dan Adkins

A total of 894 'Salmon' bogie flat wagons were produced between 1949 and 1961. The fleet were based on an earlier LMS design, but most were built by British Rail workshops at Derby and Wolverton. as well as some private firms. A single wagon could carry multiple 60ft lengths of rails at a time, whilst a rake could transport 600ft wlded rails. Two modernisation programmes have taken place, the first in the 1980s saw many fitted with air brakes (recoded as YMA wagons). The second, starting in 2009, saw the class rebogied and fitted with new stanchions.

(Information provided by Hornby)

Type of Vehicle

Flat wagon


BR Derby & Wolverton Works
Head Wrightson Ltd
G.R. Turner

Build Dates

1949 to 1961

Total Built


Wheel Configuration

2 x Bogies

Operated By

British Rail
Network Rail

Main Duties

Rail & Sleeper Carrier

In Service Until


Surviving Examples

Many still in service