0-6-0DE SR Maunsell Shunter (BR Class D3/12) Profile and Models

0-6-0DE SR Maunsell Shunter (BR Class D3/12)

15202 at Hither Green Locomotive Depot in March 1960. ©Ben Brooksbank

British Rail class D3/12 was a class of three experimental diesel-electric shunting locomotives designed by Richard Maunsell of the Southern Railway in 1937. They quickly proved their effectiveness, and although they were not immediately replicated due to the advent of the Second World War, the class were the basis for a larger class of similar locomotives introduced by Oliver Bulleid in 1949. After a few teething problems, the class quickly proved the advantages of diesel electric shunters in terms of effectiveness, cost-saving, and driver comfort. Although at £7,275 they cost £1,100 more to build than a Z class steam locomotive, each one saved about £1,700 per year in operating costs. They could be used continually day and night for six days each week at Norwood without any service requirement beyond refuelling. Although they were still in good operating condition, the locomotives were withdrawn in November and December 1964, as by then the Southern Region had many modern replacements. None have been preserved.

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Type of Locomotive



SR Ashford Works
English Electric

Build Dates


Total Built


Tractive Effort

30,000 lbf

Power Output

350 bhp

Top Speed

30 mph

Wheel Configuration


Operated By

Southern Railway
British Railways

Main Duties


In Service Until


Surviving Examples



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OO Gauge (1:76 Scale) Golden Arrow No image available Requires assembly Not set G1937
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