4-8-4DM 'Fell' LMS Profile and Models

4-8-4DM 'Fell' LMS

10100 at Derby in June 1957. ©Ben Brooksbank

British Railways 10100 was an unusual experimental diesel locomotive known informally as The Fell Diesel Locomotive. It was the joint production of Davey Paxman & Co, Shell Refining & Marketing Co and Lt-Col L. F. R. Fell, built for them by the LMS at Derby. By the time it emerged in 1950, nationalisation had taken place and it carried British Railways livery. The locomotive had six diesel engines, four of them used for traction. There were two auxiliary engines which drove the pressure-chargers for the main engines and the purpose of this arrangement was to enable the main engines to deliver very high torque at low crankshaft speed. In July 1952, 10100's gearbox was severely damaged after a loose bolt fell through the geartrain, and the locomotive was out of service for over a year. British Railways subsequently lost interest in the project, and an improved version of the locomotive under development was abandoned. 10100 remained in service until 16 October 1958, when its steam heating boiler caught fire at Manchester Central. It was returned to Derby Works, where it was slowly stripped of parts before being scrapped in July 1960.

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Type of Locomotive



LMS Derby Works

Build Dates


Total Built


Tractive Effort

25,000 lbf

Power Output

2,000 bhp

Top Speed

84 mph

Wheel Configuration


Operated By

British Railways

Main Duties


In Service Until


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