Bogie Bolster C (GWR Macaw B) Profile and Models

Bogie Bolster C (GWR Macaw B)

Bogie Bolster C at Northiam on the Kent & East Sussecx Railway in February 2017. ©Dan Adkins

The GWR produced a wide range of "Bogie Bolster" wagons for a variety of purposes. One such example was the Macaw B (later referred to as the Bogie Bolster C), which was a 30 ton long flat wagon. Many were constructed and they survived well into BR usage, who also made further examples. Those built by British Rail were similar to the GWR wagons but the design evolved over time with different examples of bolster types and bogies used. These wagons survived into the 1980s and were often used as part of engineers trains, departmental use or as crane runners.

Type of Vehicle

Flat Wagon


GWR Swindon
British Railways

Build Dates

1930s onwards

Wheel Configuration


Operated By

Great Western Railway
British Railways

Main Duties

Infrastructure/ Departmental
Wood transport

In Service Until


Surviving Examples

Some in preservation


O Gauge (1:43 Scale)