10 ton banana van LNER Profile and Models

10 ton banana van LNER

LNER 632882 van. © Provided by Oxford Rail

The Great Eastern Railway did not possess any vans of their own for banana trade and usually hired vans to transport the fruit from other companies. The GER would often run complete trains of between 20 to 25 vans in total. It was not until after the Great War that imports of bananas recommenced and an order was placed in 1923 to build 100 covered vans with hand and vacuum brakes plus steam-heating to help ripen the fruit. By the end of 1923, the building of the vans was completed and they became the last GER design vans to be built. These vans lasted well and survived into the 1960s.

(Information provided via Oxford Rail)

Type of vehicle

Box Van

Build Dates


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LNER, British Railways

Main Duties

Banana Transport

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