BR Mark 3 (sliding door) Profile and Models

BR Mark 3 (sliding door)

Cross Country liveried 42378 at Tiverton Parkway in May 2019. ©Geof Sheppard

Introduced between 1975 and 1988, the Mk3 was one of, if not the most successful British Rail coaching stock designs. They were designed to run at 125mph from the outset and are widely acknowledged as some of the most reliable, safe and comfortable coach designs produced in the UK. However, the coaches don't meet the Technical Specification for Interoperability for Persons with Reduced Mobility (TSI-PRM) due to their slam-doors, seating style, toilets and grab rail. So, over 200 coaches have now been upgraded by Wabtec to feature automatic sliding doors, upraded toilets and modified interiors, allowing them to continue to operate with GWR, Scotrail and Cross Country.

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Type of Vehicle

Mark 3 Coach


British Rail Engineering Limited (Modified by Wabtec)

Build Date

1975 to 1988

Total Built

848 (200 Upgraded by Wabtec from 2018)

 Current Operators

Abellio Scotrail

Main Duties

Express Passenger

In Service Until


Surviving Coaches