IIA-D Drax biomass hopper Profile and Models

IIA-D Drax biomass hopper

83 70 0698 184-4. Unknown location. February 2016. ©Russell Harry Lee

The fleet of 225 IIA-D biomass wagons were produced for the sole purpose of transporting imported biomass pellets from docks to the UK's largest power station, Drax, in North Yorkshire. These huge hopper wagons were volumetrically the largest on the network when first built. Biomass must be kept dry during transport and is much lighter than other materials such as coal, so more can be carried per wagon - the wagons were purpose built to carry biomass in the conditions required. The revolutionary design integrates four hoppers, two centrally and two outside each bogie. The IIA-Ds body profile is also designed to make maximum usage of the UK loading gauge. These colourful vehicles have been vinyled-up in various advertising liveries for the Drax Power company and can be seen in operation between Liverpool, Immingham, Tyne, Redcar, Hull and the Drax Power station.

Type of Vehicle

Biomass Hopper Wagon


WH Davis

Build Dates

2013 to 2014

Total Built


Wheel Configuration

2 x Bogies

Operated By

Drax Power

Main Duties

Biomass Transport

In Service Until


Surviving Examples

All in Service


OO Gauge (1:76 Scale)