ZZA beilhack snowplough Profile and Models

ZZA beilhack snowplough

ADB965580 at Hindlow in March 2018 © Jim Scott

In 1984 BR identified the need for more snowploughs to be produced to augment the current ZZA independent snowploughs in use across the network.  The solution was found in using redundant Class 40 and 45 bogies and mounting a new plough blade made by Beilhack to the ‘inner’ end of the bogie. Toolboxes were fitted above the axles, the pony wheels were removed and the ploughs were ready for use. Since then they have seen regular use when snow clearing is needed and also on test runs around the network during more settled weather to keep them in good condition. The tooling accommodates the changes in the wagons such as the solar panels fitted by Railtrack and removed by Network Rail.

Type of Vehicle

6-Wheel Snowplough


Beilhack, Germany

Build Dates

1984 to 1989

Total Built


Wheel Configuration

(1 x Class 40 or 45 Bogie)

Operated By

British Rail
Network Rail

Main Duties

Snow Clearance

In Service Until


Surviving Examples