2-8-0 Class O2 Tango Gresley GNR/LNER Profile and Models

2-8-0 Class O2 Tango Gresley GNR/LNER

3963 at Doncaster in July 1947. © Ben Brooksbank

The Class O2 was designed by Nigel Gresley for the Great Northern Railway in the late 1910s. These three cylinder 2-8-0 locomotives were designed for freight work and proved to be successful in service. Further examples were later produced by the LNER from 1924 onwards. The class survived long into British Railways use and were often seen across the former LNER network, from Stratford, through East Anglia and into the East Midlands on iron ore and coal traffic. Every locomotive was scrapped by the end of 1963.

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Type of Locomotive



Doncaster Works
North British Locomotive Co.

Build Date

1918 - 1943

Total Built


Tractive Effort

36,740 lbf

Wheel Configuration


Operated by

Great Northern Railway
British Railways

Main Duties


In Service Until


Surviving Locos



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OO Gauge (1:76 Scale) Kitbuilt (unknown brand) No image available RTR/RTUse/Pre-assembled Not set KB731
Class 01 'Tango' 2-8-0 3458 in LNER Black Awaiting Categorisation