GWR Siphon G van Profile and Models

GWR Siphon G van

W1037 at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre in August 2008. ©Oxyman

By 1913, the Great Western Railway had reached a stage whereby the original 4w and 6w milk vans were obsolete and required replacement. A prototype 50’ bogie version, the diagram O.10 of October 1908 had proved successful and satisfied the GWR’s requirements for a versatile gangway design of milk van, leading to the creation of the Siphon G; a family of gangway bogie vans that were built between 1913 and 1955 and that would eventually total 365 vehicles. These vehicles were built in multiple batches by both the GWR and later British Railways. While initially built for the transport of milk churns, the class proved to be extremely versatile, being converted for use as Ambulance trains during WWII and also being used for the transport of newspapers, goods and for departmental purposes later in life.

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Type of Vehicle



Swindon Works
Derby Works

Build Dates

1913 to 1955

Total Built


Wheel Configuration

2 x Bogies

Operated By

Great Western Railway
British Railways

Main Duties

Milk transport
Newspaper transport
General freight
Ambulance trains

In Service Until


Surviving Examples

Some in preservation


Products awaiting categorisation

Scale Brand Image Construction Type DCC Capability Product Code Product Title Livery
OO Gauge (1:76 Scale) Blacksmith Models BL053 Detailing kit - Lima Siphon G to BR/WR Dia. 062 Requires assembly Not set BL053
Detailing kit - Lima Siphon G to BR/WR Dia. 062 Awaiting Categorisation
OO Gauge (1:76 Scale) George Alan Models PV1 GWR Siphon G (Inside or Outside framed) Kit Requires assembly Not set PV1
GWR Siphon G (Inside or Outside framed) Kit Awaiting Categorisation
N Gauge Dapol NB004Siphon Siphon G 1435 in GWR Livery RTR/RTUse/Pre-assembled Not set NB004Siphon
Siphon G 1435 in GWR Livery GWR brown