2-6-0 Class 5P4F Stanier Mogul LMS Profile and Models

2-6-0 Class 5P4F Stanier Mogul LMS

42968 at the Severn Valley Railway in March 2012. ©Hugh Llewelyn

The London Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) Stanier Class 5 2-6-0 or Stanier Mogul is a class of 2-6-0 mixed traffic steam locomotive. Forty were built between October 1933 and March 1934. Although all built at Crewe Works, they were designed at Horwich Works and were developed from the Horwich Mogul, the LMS Hughes Crab 2-6-0. They had the addition of several features brought over from the Great Western Railway by newly arrived Chief Mechanical Engineer William Stanier, most notably the taper boiler. They were always painted black, and this was lined out except during the austere periods of the 1940s and towards the end of steam. From the end of 1934 Stanier turned to a larger 4-6-0 for his mixed traffic class, this being the LMS Black Five Class. One, 13268/(4)2968, the penultimate member of the class to be withdrawn, has been preserved.

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Type of Locomotive



LMS Crewe Works

Build Date

1933 to 1934

Total Built


Tractive Effort

26,290 lbf

Wheel Configuration


Operated By

London, Midland & Scottish Railway
British Railways

Main Duties

Mixed Traffic

In Service Until


Surviving Examples



O Gauge (1:43 Scale)

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OO Gauge (1:76 Scale) Keyser (K's) L35 Stanier Mogul 2-6-0 Kit Requires assembly Not set L35
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