2-8-2T Class 72xx GWR Profile and Models

2-8-2T Class 72xx GWR

7248 at Swansea East Dock Locomotive Depot in April 1962. ©Ben Brooksbank

The Great Western Railway (GWR) 7200 Class is a class of 2-8-2T steam locomotive. They were the only 2-8-2Ts built and used by a British railway, and the largest tank engines to run on the Great Western Railway. Originally the 4200 class and 5205 class 2-8-0T were introduced for short-haul Welsh coal traffic, but the Stock Market Crash of 1929 saw coal traffic dramatically fall. Built specifically for the short runs of heavy trains in the South Wales Coalfield, Charles Collett took the agreed decision to rebuild some of them with an extended coal carrying capacity and thus greater range and usefulness. Many found work in the home counties, deployed on iron ore and stone trains from Banbury. Three locomotives survive, all recovered from Woodham Brothers, though none have yet been returned to operational condition.

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Type of Locomotive



GWR Swindon Works

Build Date

1934 to 1939

Total Built


Tractive Effort

33,170 lbf

Wheel Configuration


Operated By

Great Western Railway
British Railways

Main Duties

Heavy freight

In Service Until


Surviving Examples