Class 53 'Falcon' Profile and Models

Class 53 'Falcon'

D0280 'Falcon' at Newport High Street in June 1975. ©Hugh Llewelyn

D0280 Falcon was a single prototype diesel-electric locomotive, built for British Railways in 1961. It was one of a series of three prototypes: Falcon, DP2 and Lion, eventually leading to the Class 47 and Class 50. No single lightweight diesel engine was powerful enough, so the Falcon project used twin Maybach MD655 engines like those in the Class 52 Western diesel-hydraulic locomotives. These drove Brush generators and traction motors, rather than the hydraulic transmission of the Westerns. The prototype, wearing a livery of lime green and chestnut brown emerged from Brush's Loughborough works in September 1961. Falcon was tested extensively across the Eastern and London Midland regions as well as on the infamous Lickey Incline. Falcon was an evolutionary dead end - it was a functional locomotive, worth keeping in service, but there were never going to be more. In 1975, the locomotive was deemed uneconomic to operate due to its non-standard status and, despite efforts to preserve it, Falcon was broken up in March–April 1976.

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Type of Locomotive



Brush Traction

Build Dates


Total Built


Tractive Effort

60,000 lbf

Power Output

2,880 hp

Top Speed

100 mph

Wheel Configuration


Operated By

British Railways

Main Duties

Mixed Traffic

In Service Until


Surviving Examples



O Gauge (1:43 Scale)

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OO Gauge (1:76 Scale) Kitbuilt (unknown brand) No image available RTR/RTUse/Pre-assembled Not set KB797
Class 53 D0280 'Falcon' in BR two tone green with small yellow panel Awaiting Categorisation
OO Gauge (1:76 Scale) Silver Fox D0280SF Class 53 diesel D0280 'Falcon' Resin Body Kit Requires assembly Not set D0280SF
Class 53 diesel D0280 'Falcon' Resin Body Kit Private Owner