Class 21 Profile and Models

Class 21

D6103 at Harringay West in June 1959. ©Ben Brooksbank

A total of 58 Class 21 locomotives were produced by the North British Locomotive Co between 1958 and 1960. Externally similar to the Class 22, they actually shared no mechanical parts. Unfortunately, the class proved to be unsuccessful due to their unreliable licence-built MAN engines and between 1963-65, a total of 20 were rebuilt with new Paxman Ventura power units and became the Class 29. The remaining 38 Class 21s were withdrawn and scrapped by the end of 1968, with the 29s all being scrapped by 1971. None of the class survived into preservation.

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Type of Locomotive



North British Locomotive Co.

Build Dates

1958 to 1960

Total Built


Tractive Effort

45,000 lbf

Power Output

1,000 to 1,100 hp

Top Speed

75 mph

Wheel Configuration


Operated By

British Railways

Main Duties

Regional Passenger

In Service Until


Surviving Examples



OO Gauge (1:76 Scale)
HO Gauge (1:87 Scale)

Products awaiting categorisation

Scale Brand Image Construction Type DCC Capability Product Code Product Title Livery
OO Gauge (1:76 Scale) Kitbuilt (unknown brand) No image available RTR/RTUse/Pre-assembled Not set KB695
Class 21 D6100 in BR Green with Late Crest BR green with late crest