0-4-4T Class O2 LSWR Profile and Models

0-4-4T Class O2 LSWR

W24 'Calborne' at Haven Street on the Isle of Wight in October 2014. ©Andrew

The LSWR O2 Class is a class of 0-4-4T steam locomotive designed for the London and South Western Railway by William Adams. Sixty were constructed during the late nineteenth century. They were also the last steam engines to work on the Isle of Wight, with the final two being withdrawn in 1967. Adams was presented with the problem of a greatly increasing volume of commuter traffic experienced with the suburbanisation of London during the 1880s. This was exacerbated by the fact that there were few locomotive classes in the LSWR stable that could undertake commuter traffic at the desired level of efficiency. The LSWR therefore required a locomotive with attributes of power and compactness, with a small wheel size to gain acceleration on intensive timetables. Adams settled upon the 0-4-4T wheel arrangement to provide the basis of what was to become the O2 Class. Calbourne is the sole survivor of the O2 locomotives; the rest of the class were scrapped.

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Type of Locomotive



LSWR Nine Elms Works

Build Date

189 to 1896

Total Built


Tractive Effort

17,235 lbf

Wheel Configuration


Operated By

London & South Western Railway
Southern Railway
British Railways

Main Duties

Local Passenger

In Service Until


Surviving Examples



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