Bogie Bolster E Profile and Models

Bogie Bolster E

B923358 BEV 32t Bogie Bolster E Diag 1/479 3343 Ashford 1961 at Stoke Wagon Repairs Ltd on October 1979. © Paul Bartlett See more photos at

Based on diagram 1/479, two lots of Bogie Bolster 'E' wagons were built in Ashford by BR during 1961 - 1962. A Total of 1200 wagons were constructed to a modern design, on David & Lloyd bogies and were the shortest of the bogie bolster fleet at just over 32 feet in length. The reasoning behind equipping such a short vehicle with bogies was that a higher load could be carried due the increased axle count. Though originally constructed as part of BRs regular 'pool' of commercial wagons, they quickly found favour with the engineers department as well as many other uses including conversions to steel coil carriers and continuous welded rail transportation amongst other uses.

Type of Vehicle

Flat Wagons


British Rail Ashford

Total Built


Build Dates

1961 - 1962


British Rail

Main Duties



OO Gauge (1:76 Scale)
O Gauge (1:43 Scale)