Hornby R070 Electrically Operated Turntable

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Hornby   R070
OO Gauge (1:76 Scale)

Electrically Operated Turntable

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The turntable is designed to operate with any analogue train controller without feedback. Drive the locomotive onto the turntable, then switch the power from track to turntable via the 'On-On' lever switch R046 (see above - supplied with the set). The speed controller now controls the rotation of the turntable. If you are using an HM2000 or HM4000 controller, then the turntable must be powered from the uncontrolled DC output with an R047 (see above) Lever Switch, 'On-Off', not from the speed controller output. The set includes seven access track sections and wiring. You can add and subtract access sections to suit your layout, up to a maximum of fourteen.

This turntable is designed to sit on top of a baseboard, it does not require any cutting.

Railings for the turntable are supplied underneath one of the cardboard inserts.

Diameter: 382mm
Angle of track: 22.5 degrees