Bachmann Branchline 31-553 Class V2 2-6-2 60807 in BR black

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Bachmann Branchline   31-553
OO Gauge (1:76 Scale)

Class V2 2-6-2 60807 in BR black
DCC incompatible. Split Chassis

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H.N. Gresley designed the first of this country's-á3-Cylinder 2-6-2's for the London and North Eastern Railway. The first engine appeared in 1936 and was named 'Green Arrow' to coinside with the introduction of-áa special fast freight service of the same name. The three Cylinders, Steam Chests and Smokebox saddle were made in one casting with short outside Steam Pipes. Gresley's conjugated valve gear placed ahead of the cylinders, was used to drive-áthe middle valve. As the engines of the Class V2 became due for Cylinder renewals it was found much more economical to do away with the large casting for ythe three cylinders, Steam chests, and Smoke-áBox saddle. Instead, seperate castings were made for-áthe outside-ácylinders and-áSteam chests whwich were-áthen-ábolted on to-áthe Centre-áCasting.-áLonger and more-ádirect outside Steam-ápipes formed-ápart of the modification.-áAs part of a furtherseries of draughting investigations carried out at Swindon B.R. No-á60963 was fitted-áwith-ádouble blast pipe-áand chimney. Of-áthe Class of-á184 engines only eight ever-áreceived-áthe-ádouble-áblast-áarrangement. Seven other engines received names but-áon curved name-áplates-áabove-áthe centre wheels - Not as 'Green-áArrow'-áran-áin service with straight name-áplates on the-ásides of the smoke nox. V2's-ábuilt up to-á1941 had the L.N.E.R.-áGreen Lined Livery.-áThe Wartime livery-áwas unlined black.-áAfter nationalisation the lined-áblack livery was adopted up to December 1956,-áwhen-áB.R.-áBrunswick Green-áwas used for-áthe-áV2's.

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Era 4 BR steam Early Crest

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