Creative Master Northcord Ltd UK8018 ADL Enviro200 "Hedingham & District" (L370 - EU58 JCJ)

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Creative Master Northcord Ltd   UK8018
OO Gauge (1:76 Scale)

ADL Enviro200 "Hedingham & District" (L370 - EU58 JCJ)

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Hedingham and District commenced operations on 4th June 1910, with a fleet of eight buses, two Crossley double-deckers and six single-deckers of Bedford and AEC manufacture. Over the past 50 years, the fleet has grown to just over 100 vehicles, mostly of Volvo and Dennis manufacture. Further contrast with 50 years ago is provided by the vehicles themselves. Instead of second-hand acquisition, Hedingham & District Omnibuses fleet additions are predominantly new and predominantly for local bus services. Hedingham & District Omnibuses has acquired brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro200Darts and Enviro 400s in the last couple of years. CMNL UK6016 Enviro 400 is carrying the standard red and cream Hedingham & District Omnibuses colour. Together with this UK8018, the twin models are representing the current fleet face of the operator.