Use our award winning 'Trunk' to store your orders with us for later despatch.

Hattons Trunk Service

Saturday, September 30 2023

The “Hattons Trunk” service enables you to pay for & secure items and have them held at our premises. You are able to freely add further items to your “Trunk”, including pre-orders which can be set to "Add to trunk when it arrives & notify me via email".

This service is also useful for overseas customers, to combine items that arrive in stock at different times into one order and save on postage costs! 




Award Winning Service

Hattons Trunk has been awarded:

"The judges loved Hattons' simple yet effective solution - which solves customer pain points by redefining the basket. Hattons demonstrated proven results for customer satisfaction and increased revenues."


How it Works

The "Add to Trunk" button option is available both in your basket and within a product listing, providing you with two ways to add items to your trunk.

Add Multiple Items to Your trunk:

If you wish to add multiple items to your trunk, we would advise adding the items to your basket, through the “Add to Cart” button against the product listing. Once you have all the items you require in your basket, click into your basket and use the option “Add items to Trunk”. 




Add a Single Item to Your Trunk:

You will see an "Add to Trunk" button to the side of the standard "Add to Cart" option on any product page. Clicking this will add the individual item to your Trunk.

From here you will need to login (if not already). You will then be asked to set your trunk preferences on the first time, such as your default card, address, and a day you would like to receive an email reminder.

These options are also available in your account and can be amended later.

Once these preferences have been set, you can then add items to your trunk. You will be asked for your CVV, the payment is taken and your order number will be shown to you.

You can check the contents of your trunk at checkout or using the new 'Your Trunk' page detailed below.

Payment will be taken when placing your trunk order, as shown below. However, postage will only be calculated and paid when you choose to have your items shipped.




At checkout, any items that you assigned as going to your Trunk will clearly be displayed.

Your Trunk

Within this area you have access to the following information and abilities:

  • Products placed within your trunk
  • How many were added and when
  • Option to remove items
  • Option to have items sent 

Trunk Checkout

The Trunk checkout enables you to have your items shipped:

  • You will pay the shipping charge at the time of despatch, not when placing the items in your trunk.
  • VAT is taken into account for those living outside of the EU (European Union).

Trunk Options

Within "Your Account", you have the option to:

  • Change your default payment card & delivery address for trunk orders
  • Add all pre-orders to your trunk
  • Send a trunk summary email and choose when that email is sent

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Managing Director, Richard joined Jack for a YouTube livestream to announce the Hattons Trunk and have a Q&A session.

Video Content Here


We have also posted the most asked questions below. Click on the question to reveal the answers.


You will be charged for your item when you add it to your trunk.

You will be charged for postage when you request we send your items from your Trunk.


We will charge for postage when you request we send the parcels to you.

Shipping will be calculated based on all the items we send in the parcel as we currently do with an order.

Standard UK Shipping is still £4 and while International shipping varies is will be at the same rates as orders placed for immediate shipping, based on weight and size.


Yes, the Trunk was designed with this in mind to allow you to "snag" those rare and bargain pre-owned items when they are added and save the item for a larger order.


Yes, the Trunk was designed with this in mind. You can choose which items to ship and when.


We have not currently set a limit to this, but as this is a new service, this will be reviewed again at a later date.


Yes. We reserve the right to charge a re-stocking fee for this.


Yes, if you're pre-ordering an item you will only be charged for the item when it is released and in stock with ourselves. You will then be able to request a suitable despatch after this date with any other items in your Trunk.


This also reduce the liklihood of items that come in at different times selling out before being added to your Trunk so you don't miss out if we sell out.


The trunk service is a free service and we only have capacity for a certain number of items. We reserve the right to ship your trunk when we need to conduct stocktakes or clear space. We will attempt to give you advance notification of this by email.


Unfortunately this will not be possible, but is something we may look at again in the future.


Yes. Kerbside Pickup is available for Hattons Trunk orders.


You will be charged a £5 admin fee when you request the Kerbside Pickup shipping method and this will be refunded when you collect the order from our Widnes store.


No, we will not charge VAT on non-EU orders at the time of adding them to your Hattons Trunk.


If items are added to your Trunk that should be charged VAT and are not at the time, we reserve the right to charge VAT at the time of despatch if your shipping address means that the items are now incur an applicable rate of VAT.


Items will only appear in your trunk if they are in stock and have been paid for.


Pre-orders will not show in your trunk but can still be viewed in the "Your Pre-Orders" section of your account.


Pre-ordered items will show in your trunk once they have arrived in stock with us and once you have been charged for the item, however, they will not be dispatched until you tell us that you want them to be.


Add item(s) to your cart as you normally would. You will now notice there is an option to click "Add Items to Trunk", this will add every item in your cart to the Trunk instead. 

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