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Monday, June 21 2021

A Selection of the available bookazines at Hattons

We've got a range of high-quality bookazines with an expansive range of subjects from track planning to layout building and formation guides to the history of experimental trains in the UK.

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Model Railway Planning & Building

If you're just starting out or returning to the hobby then these bookazines are the perfect way to get you started on your model railway adventure.
BRM Guide to Trackplans & Layout Design Volume 3   Model Rail How to Build a Model Railway Volume 6
BRM Guide to Trackplans & Layout Design Volume 3   Model Rail How to Build a Model Railway Series

Includes 60 tried and tested trackplans to suit a variety of sizes. All layouts are broken down by size into: micro, small, medium and large plans. 

Also present are a range of design ideas, hints and tips from expert modellers and members of the BRM team.

There's something for everyone with plans for a variety of scales, including: N, TT, OO, O, EM and P4.

Model Rail produce a number of bookazines taking you through all the steps to produce your own model railway.
With guidance on everything from track laying and creating scenery to wiring or even going digital - they’re a must have if you’re looking to build a new layout.
Build your dream model railway today with these handy guides
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Model Maintenance & Reviews

If you're looking to expand your model railway collection or add extra features such as digital or sound function then these bookazines will help you take the next step.

Hornby Magazine Locomotive Manual Volume 1 - Express Steam

This extensive 132-page locomotive manual shows you how to open up your locootives to enable you to perform maintenance as well as giving step-by-step guides on how to fit digital or digital sound decoders.

This volume focuses on express steam locomotives from the 'Big Four' railway companies as well as British Railways.

A full list of all 24 guides can be seen on the product details page HERE.

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Real Railway Inspiration

Are you looking to be inspired by real life railways? These bookazines provide an informative look at the history of railways in Britain which you can recreate in model form.

Rail Express Modeller Train Formations Handbook   X-Trains
Rail Express Modeller Train Formations Handbook   X-Trains

This 132-page publication brings together a collection of detailed and informative articles, from the pages of Rail Express Magazine, detailing train formations in the diesel and electric era which you can utilise to recreate them in model form.

A huge variety of operations are on display, including: power station coal traggic, nuclear and military trains, Travelling Post Office (TPO) workings, grain traffic and the ever popular Scottish push-pull trains.

Even if you're not a modeller, there's a great deal of information and photographs that will bring back great memories from the last 40 years of railways in Britain.


Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of experimental trains in Britain.

This 132-page bookazine is dedicated to chronicaling some of the most unusual locomotives ever to exist in the history of railways, including: Bulleid Leader, EE GT3, Stanier Turbomotive, Gresley Hush-Hush, APT and many more.

In the pursuit for constant improvement there have been many of these top-secret projects over the years.

Some lead on to inspire incredible innovations on the railways whilst others were unmitigated disasters.

See the full table of contents on the product details page HERE.

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Testing Testing - Understanding Britain's Test Trains


Modelling British Railways - Engineers' Wagons

Testing, Testing traces the development of British Rail Research, and Mechanical and Electrical Engineering operations based at the Railway Technical Centre in Derby.

This 148-page special examines how research played a major role in the development of our railways by studying the locomotives and trains used by the division in the BR era and to the present day.

Some 30 different types of vehicle and train are to be found, formed of some 200 different, often unique, and often yellow coaches or locos. Full history of all fleets are included, with details of their operations, formations and preservation activities.

Ideal for modellers and enthusiasts alike.


Throughout its existence, British Rail had a tradition of repurposing redundant passenger and parcels coaches for a variety of further roles.

These duties were diverse but typically included installing and maintaining overhead electrification, carrying maintenance staff to worksites, moving equipment to locations of derailments, and transporting stores across the country. This publication will examine all of these and many more in detail along with showing how to model examples in various scales.

Also included will be a look at the wide range of track machines and other plant used to maintain the railway’s infrastructure, such as track, bridges, and tunnels.

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UK Railway Liveries Compendium - Vol 4


Loco-Hauled - Passenger Trains of the Privatisation Era

Rail Liveries – Vol 4 Updates, One-offs and Oddities 1960-2021. Ths new edition covers a review of new and altered liveries found in the UK since the end of 2019 and now extends the coverage to some of the unusual and ‘one off’ styles which have been carried from the 1960s to the present day.

Following reader request, this volume also looks at the complex livery development of passenger and non-passenger coaching stock as well as BR and private owned freight wagons. With the increasing use of ‘light rail’ as a travel option, Vol 4 covers the main UK light rail systems, including the UK’s second largest railway – London Underground.

Over 500 images and more than 35,000 words make up this eagerly awaited publication. 148 pages.


Since the dawn of privatisation in the mid-1990s, train operating companies have often been forced to call upon additional rolling stock to keep timetabled services running, be it due to unreliability, incidents or just not enough trains to meet demand. This extra capacity has usually come in the form of loco-hauled trains, these featuring a diverse array of locomotives and coaches with the hire period varying from days to years.

This lavishly illustrated publication takes a photographic look back at the past 25 years of such workings, beginning with the Welsh Valleys and running right through to the last hurrah of the recently ended Fife Circle operation.

A must for all rail enthusiasts and modellers looking for real-life accuracy in their modelling projects.

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Wagonload Formations - 1960s to 2020s


Modelling British Railways - Parcels & Mail Trains

116 page full colour bookazine by Simon Bendall.

The last 20 years has seen a huge increase in the number of wagon models available along with a corresponding improvement in standards. More than ever, modellers are seeking information on how these wagons worked in real life - what they carried and where they ran to.

This new modeller’s guide will take some of the most popular wagonload commodities such as china clay, timber and scrap metal and provide a detailed history of their operation throughout the diesel era from the 1960s to today. Accompanying the lavishly illustrated text is information on how to recreate realistic train formations and modelling projects in two different scales.


Continuing the popular series that mixes modelling with the real railways, Simon Bendall delves into the world of parcels and mail trains.

With accuracy in modelling as the main focus, this eagerly awaited volume concentrates on the movement of parcels and sundries traffic, newspaper trains, Travelling Post Offices and more specialised movements such as bullion.

Covering the period from the early 1960s to what little remains today, Parcels and Mail Trains splits into several distinct periods and includes a look at operations and formations from these eras along with modelling the vans used through the decades and the associated locomotives.

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Modelling British Railways - Engineers Wagons Pt.2 - Modernising the Fleet


Following on from the first part of this series, this 116 page bookazine covers the modernisation of BR's fleet of engineers' wagons and how you can model them on your layout. It features over 40 highly detailed models, hint and tips from expert modellers and in-depth profiles on BR's wagon fleets. Due soon!

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One-Off Bookazines


The Great Model Railway Challenge - Special Bookazine   Hornby Hobbies - A Model History Bookazine

Meet the 2019 teams, see how the teams from the first series created their masterpieces, learn how to build a layout, and who's who in celebrity modelling. It's a great read and the perfect companion for the brand new second series. Don't miss it!


Hornby Hobbies - A Model History takes the reader into Hornby’s past explaining its legacy and looking forward to the future across 140 pages. It features all of Hornby Hobbies' current brands including Hornby, Airfix, Scalextric, Corgi, Humbrol, Pocher and its Hornby International portfolio.

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Peco 'Shows You How' Series

The expansive range of Peco 'Show You How' guides will provide you with practical skills that you can apply to your model railway.

A range of titles from the Peco Shows You How series

With just under 30 titles in the series there is a vast array of knowledge to be had in these A5 booklets.

Whether you're just starting to plan your layout, looking to add point motors, create scenery, detail your locomotives or anything in between they're the perfect addition to your next order to help build your knowledge. Priced at £1 each.

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