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Hattons Originals O Gauge LNER Class A4 4-6-2 - Available Now

Sunday, November 01 2020

Hattons Originals O Class A4 4-6-2

Hattons Exclusive locomotives in O gauge developed in partnership with Heljan


Hattons, in partnership with Heljan, are producing a range of newly tooled LNER Class A4 4-6-2 locomotives in O gauge. A number of variations have been produced covering the lifespan of one the world's most iconic steam locomotives in a selection of LNER and British Railways colour schemes. We are also producing unnumbered variations, which enables you to run exactly the locomotive you wish to, with accurate tooling variations ensuring they are as prototypical as possible. 


Specification & Features

Scale and Gauge

7mm 1:43 Scale - O Gauge

Motor Type

5 pole

Electrical Pickups

All wheels

Digital Control

Yes - interface in Tender

Digital Sound

Yes - speaker enclosure in tender and smokebox


  • Main couplings are screw-link
  • Dummy buckeye coupling included as well as separate screw link coupling for corridor tender bufferbeam

Minimum Curve Radius

Radius 2 (~3ft 5in)

Separate Detailing parts

  • Pre-fitted pipework and air pipes included in accessory pack for relevant preserved locos
  • Separately fitted Smokebox door dart, etched shed plates & numberplates where applicable

Sprung Buffers


Other Features

  • Finescale wheels
  • Sprung buffers
  • Accurate tooling variations for chimney types and more
  • Chemically blackened wheels
  • Fully detailed and painted cab interior
  • Mounting pieces for air pipes included for tenders
  • Turned brass whistles and safety valves
  • Etched number and LNER lettering on applicable models
  • Inside valve gear (cosmetic)
  • Sprung front bogie
  • Weights within boiler for maximum adhesion
  • Fluted connecting rods with oily finish
  • Easy to use electrical coupling between locomotive and tender 

Cabside Handrails:

Our models of the Class A4 are supplied without vertical cabside handrails, due to an oversight in the design process. This was discovered too late in the development to amend the models, and we have been unable to source suitable parts for customers to fit these themselves. We apologise for any disappointment this may cause but we are unable to offer suitable parts at this time.

Detail Pack:

A set of additional optional parts have been listed as supplied separately with the model, but many of these parts have been pre-fitted to the models as part of the production process.
A correct summary of the listed parts and their status is below:
Part Number and Name
1. Fall plate Included in pack
2. Coal load Included in pack
3. Valances The correct valances for each model have been pre-fitted during production.
4. Running board supports. These are pre-fitted to appropriate models with cutaway valances. Models with full valances do not require these parts.
5. Brake Rigging Included in pack
6. Coupling Working coupling, can be used to connect locomotive to appropriate rolling stock.


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class A3 & A4 instruction booklet cover 1


Project Updates

Class A4 Second Batch

Our second batch of A4s, consisting of the models shown below are due to arrive between October and December 2020. We will provide a more accurate date once we have further details of their delivery.

H7-A4-002 - 4468 "Mallard" in LNER garter blue with streamlined non-corridor tender - £750
H7-A4-002A - Unnumbered with single chimney and streamlined corridor tender in LNER garter blue - £750
H7-A4-002B - Unnumbered with single chimney and streamlined non-corridor tender in LNER garter blue - £750
H7-A4-002C - Unnumbered with single chimney and unstreamlined corridor tender in LNER garter blue - £750
H7-A4-003 - 4468 "Mallard" in LNER garter blue with streamlined non-corridor tender - £750


Unnumbered Variants

Unnumbered Class A4 in LNER Garter Blue Unnumbered Class A4 in BR Green

We are producing a selection of unnumbered A3 and A4 locomotives. To help you understand which variation you need to buy to fit in with your layout's era or to produce the exact loco that you want, we have created the diagrams below.

If you are looking for transfers to number-up your locos, we sell suitable Modelmaster transfers.


Prototype Information

4468 "Mallard" at Barrowhill in April 2012. © Tony Hisgett

Following on from the success of the A3, and at the insistance of the LNER publicity Department, Nigel Gresley revealed his next class of high speed express engine in 1935.  They were introduced, like the A3's, for the long distance, high speed, runs on the ECML to which they settled in very quickly.  They were an almost instant success, building on the foundations laid by the A1 and A3 classes with the added streamlining both of the outer casing of the engine and a lot of internal components.  In 1938 Class A4 4468 'Mallard' set the world steam speed record of 126.4 mph on Stoke Bank south of Grantham while running on a trial service with a dynamometer car (for recording speed etc) and 6 standard coaches.  

During the war years it was found that the valances covering the main running gear was hampering quick maintenance that on other classes would be relatively easy.  The decision was taken to remove the valances completely to aid general servicing with the intention of restoring them at the end of hostilities, however this never happened and for the rest of their lives they ran without them.  The only other major change to the look of the locos came with the fitting of double chimneys, although with the abundant streamlining this was less obvious than on other classes.  The A4 locomotives started to be withdrawn in 1962 with the final members lasting until 1966.  Luckily 6 have been preserved, including Mallard and 3 others in the UK, 1 in the USA and 1 in Canada. 

Type of Locomotive



LNER Doncaster Works

Build Date

1935 to 1938

Total Built


Tractive Effort

35,455 lbf

Top Speed

90 mph (in regular service)
126.4 mph (maximum recorded)

Wheel Configuration


Operated By

LNER & British Railways

Main Duties

Express Passenger

In Service Until


Surviving Examples






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