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Hornby 2019 Range

Wednesday, January 09 2019

Hornby 2019 Range

The time has come! Hornby's new range announcements for 2019 have now been revealed and you can now explore and pre-order all of the new products. There's much to explore, with a range of newly tooled diesel and steam locomotives as well as the reintroduction of some old favourites.

Use the banner below to check out the full 2019 catalogue or scroll down to explore some of the major new toolings & highlights.


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LMS Class 8P Princess Royal 4-6-2 - New Tooling

William Stanier's first express passenger locomotive design following his arrival at the LMS, the Princess Royal class defied the company's previous policy for using smaller locomotives and paved the way for a myriad of successful new locomotives introduced in the 1930s. Twelve in total were built and two survive in preservation. 

Both Digital ready and factory digital fitted models are available to pre-order from £171 each.

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Class A1/ A1X Terrier 0-6-0T - New Tooling

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The LB&SCR built "Terrier" A1 locomotives were constructed between 1872 and 1880 at Brighton works. 17 of these were rebuilt to A1X class between 1911 and 1913, which involved re-boilering the locomotives as well as extending the smokeboxes, moving the placement of the sandboxes and some other changes.

Both Digital ready and factory digital fitted models are available to pre-order from £81 each.

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Class 5101 'Large Prairie' 2-6-2T - New Tooling

The 5101 Class was one of GWR's medium size tank engines for use on suburban and local passenger services across their network. Designed by Charles Collett, 140 were built at GWR's Swindon Works from 1929 and 1949. They remained in use right through until late 1965 and currently there are 8 preserved.

Both Digital ready and factory digital fitted models are available to pre-order from £126 each.

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Class 43 HST - New Liveries

The High Speed Train story remains vibrant after over 40 years in service, with the Class embarking on new territory as they join the ScotRail fleet. Following modifications to the coach doors and a repaint into the striking ‘ScotRail 7 Cities’ livery, this classic design enters a new phase of its history.

Four new HST models are on the way including those in GWR 'Old Oak Common' livery, Scotrail "Seven Cities" livery, LNER white and red as well as Cross Country Trains.

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Mk3 Coaches with Sliding Doors - New Tooling

To compliment the new selection of HSTs Power Cars in contemporary liveries, Hornby are also producing the new "upgraded" Mk3 coaches which feature plug doors, for use on GWR, Scotrail and Cross Country services.

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4wDM Ruston 48DS Shunter & Match Wagon - New Tooling

Building on Hornby’s successful and innovative models of the Sentinel Diesel shunter and W4 Peckett 0-4-0ST, this diminutive locomotive measures just over two inches long in OO gauge. Over 200 Ruston 48DS diesel shunters appeared at a variety of industrial sites across the UK from the late 1930s onwards.

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Peckett B2 Class 0-6-0ST - New Tooling

Industrial Railway modelling grows ever more popular and Hornby’s new Peckett B2 0-6-0ST is another locomotive to add to your stable. Over 30 of these characterful locomotives were built for a variety of industrial sites including dockyards and collieries and three survive into preservation.

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