We have received decorated samples for our LSWR liveried Genesis coaches.

Hattons Originals OO Gauge Genesis 4 & 6 Wheel Coaches - Decorated Samples

Thursday, October 12 2023

Genesis 4 & 6 Wheel Coaches

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In the mid to late 1800s, the many operating companies in the UK were producing their own 4 and 6 wheel coaching stock, which introduced many features onto the railways - lighting, continuous braking and even upholstered seats for all passengers. This led to them being a very common sight. Many designs consisted of only a handful of coaches, built to fill a specific need, and often only wore the livery of the specific railway they were built for.  A good number were absorbed at the 1923 grouping and some found new leases of life on branches that were in need of simple stock to run on them. Some were even taken into departmental stock or used by sheds and depots as simple stores vans and used until the 1950s.

Project Genesis faithfully represents the trains of the Era 2 & 3 period and brings modellers the opportunity to run a detailed train of coaches in liveries not normally seen in ready-to-run form. The range includes 7 body styles between the 4 and 6 wheel coaches.  The individual styling has been made to include the most common features from some of the most widespread and longest lasting coaches to help make them recognisable to customers.


Project Updates

Batch 2 Decorated Samples - UPDATED 12/10/23

We have now received decorated samples for all of our Batch 2 liveries!

We are very pleased with how these samples look and we're sure you will feel the same. Please be aware, many of our Batch 2 models have already sold-out on preorder and others have limited quantities remaining. We highly recommend that you place a pre-order as soon as possible to ensure your models are secured.

Use the links below to browse full 360 photos of all the latest samples:

Batch 2 Liveries - Due May 2024

Single Coaches: £33   //   Multipacks: £94 (3pk) or £120 (4pk)

Many variations are now sold-out on preorder. Pre-ordering is highly recommended to ensure your models are secured.

GCR French grey & brown

L&Y brown & umber

Midland Railway crimson lake
Due: May 2024 Due: May 2024 Due: May 2024

LSWR salmon & brown

BR crimson

NCB blue

Due: May 2024 Due: May 2024 Due: May 2024

CIE Dark green
(Used until early 1960s)

CIE Light green
(1950s to Mid 1960s)

CIE Black & Tan
(Early 1960s)

Due: May 2024 Due: May 2024 Due: May 2024


GER Stratford brown

  Due: May 2024  

Batch 3 - TBA

We intend to produce a third batch of coaches which will be available following on from the release of the first two batches but are not currently available to pre-order. Currently proposed liveries are:

  • North Eastern Railway
  • Caledonian Railway
  • Metropolitan Railway
  • SDJR
  • Longmoor Military Railway
  • Further BR Departmental Examples


Batch 1 - Released 2022/ 2023


LB&SCR umber

SECR livery

GNR lined teak
Released: Oct 2022
Released: Dec 2022
Released: February 2023

GWR chocolate & cream

SR olive green

LNWR livery

Released: Sep 2022
Released: Oct 2022
Released: Dec 2022

LNER pre-war brown

LMS crimson lake


Released: Oct 2022
Released: Dec 2022
Released: Sep 2022

BR blue & grey



Lighting Packs

Many customers have asked for the option to buy separate lighting units for their unlit Genesis coaches. We are pleased to announce that lighting packs are now available to pre-order.

Genesis coaches from Batch 2 onwards will be supplied unlit, with lighting packs available to convert your coaches. Conversion is extremely simple to do in a matter of minutes, using the 3 step guide below.



Specification & Features

Scale and Gauge

4mm 1:76 Scale - OO Gauge

Digital Control

Lit versions feature an 18-pin decoder socket


NEM Couplings

Min Curve Radius

Radius 2 (438mm)


  • Lit and unlit versions of each coach available (Batch 1 Only - lighting packs available separately for Batch 2 onwards)
  • Warm LEDs used for period accuracy
  • 18-pin decoder socket for digital control
    • DC/Analogue: lighting will work when power is applied to the track, lighting will turn off when the power is switched off
    • DCC Layout - without decoder fitted: lighting will be on all the time the track power is on
    • DCC Layout - with decoder fitted: lighting will be switchable using the function keys on your controller
  • Coaches will feature roof-mounted accessories appropriate to the lighting type for the coach

    Livery Roof Furniture
    GWR Oil
    GNR Gas
    LNWR Gas
    SECR Gas
    LB&SCR Gas
    LMS Gas
    LNER Gas
    SR Gas
    Departmental Electric

Tooling Variations

  • Seven unique bodystyles
  • Two fully detailed underframes
  • Two types of wheels (Mansell & 3 Hole)
  • Three types of roof furniture (Oil Lamps, Gas Lamps and Electric Lights)
  • Optional lower footboards
  • Full brake rigging
  • Finely detailed panelling
  • Painted interiors
  • Fully lined liveries to original company specifications
  • Unique running numbers between single coaches and packs - carefully selected to fit with companies numbering systems
Special Features
  • Centre wheelset on 6 wheel coaches slides for tight curves and is also removeable
  • Clip-open design for fitting a decoder and/or passenger figures (We will provide an update on how this will function once the design has been confirmed)


4-wheel coaches

  • Body length - 105.2mm
  • Body width - 31.92mm
  • Body height - 48.99mm
  • Wheelbase - 60mm

6-wheel coaches

  • Body length - 129.2mm
  • Body width - 31.92mm
  • Body height - 48.99mm
  • Wheelbase - 42mm

Body Styles Produced

4-wheel 5 compartment coach 4-wheel 4 compartment coach  4 wheel brake
4-wheel 5 compartment coach 4-wheel 4 compartment coach 4-wheel brake coach
6-wheel 5 compartment coach 6-wheel 4 compartment lavatory 6 wheel brake coach
6-wheel 5 compartment coach 6-wheel 4 compartment lavatory coach 6-wheel brake coach
  6-wheel full brake coach  


Formations & Livery Guides



Toolversion placeholder





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