Explore Dapol's range of water towers - available static & motorised.

Dapol OO Gauge GWR Water Towers - Product Info

Thursday, February 11 2021

Dapol produce a range of GWR Water Towers in OO gauge. Both conical top and flat top style towers have been produced in a selection of colour schemes. 

The new Water Towers feature:

  • Static or Motorised operation
  • Flexible delivery pipe (Can be trimmed to suit your preference)
  • Etched parts
  • Separately fitted parts:
    • Water valve and positioning chains
    • Drain grill
    • Tether post
    • Frost Prevention Heater

The motorised variants include:

  • 12v DC analogue or digital operation
  • Remote switch actuation
  • Optional relay PCB for digital control
  • Optional power and witch extension cables
  • Fill pipe rotates 90 degrees with sound effects
  • A selection of sound effects including:
    • Normal fill or overflow
    • Random speech comments (Some of which involve a driver berating a fireman for causing problems!)


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