We are pleased to announce CIE light/ dark green and black & tan liveries.

Hattons Originals OO Gauge Genesis Coaches - New Irish Liveries Announced

Monday, November 14 2022

With the first of our newly tooled Genesis coaches now with customers, we have been inundated with suggestions for other liveries to produce. There has been one standout suggestion that we have decided to append onto our Batch 2 run, the Irish Railways CIE colours.

CIE had a fleet of 6-wheel coaches inherited from many of the old companies of Ireland, with the ex-GSWR fleet being one of the most prominent. This is what we have used for inspiration for the livery application for our coaches, as the features closely resemble the prototype.

We are not just producing 1 livery however, we are covering all 3 liveries that CIE used with this type of coach:

CIE Dark Green
Used until early 1960s

CIE Light Green
Late 1950s - Mid 1960s

CIE Black & Tan
Early 1960s (later for bogie vehicles)

These liveries represent the full lives of these coaches with CIE and cover an era of railways which, in the UK, had not seen a non-bogie coach for many years.

These coaches are priced the same as the rest of the range, with single coaches available at £33 and a pack of 4 (in Dark Green livery only) priced at £120.

As with our other batch 2 coaches, these will all be supplied unlit, with optional lighting packs available. All coaches will require the H4-GL-6 pack, with the Dark Green pack of 4 coaches requiring 4 of these units to function.

These coaches will be available in Late 2023/Early 2024 along with the other liveries already announced in Batch 2. Numbers will be strictly limited and with the success of Batch 1, we recommend ordering soon to avoid disappointment.


Product Code

Image Description Price Availability


Pack of 4 coaches in CIE dark green (6T, 6T, 6CL & 6BT) £120 Late 2023/ Early 2024


6-wheel Brake 3rd in CIE dark green - 102 £33 Late 2023/ Early 2024


6-wheel Brake 3rd in CIE dark green - 90 £33 Late 2023/ Early 2024


6-wheel 3rd in CIE dark green - 453 £33 Late 2023/ Early 2024


6-wheel 3rd in CIE dark green - 419 £33 Late 2023/ Early 2024


6-wheel Composite (1st/ 3rd) in CIE dark green - 452 £33 Late 2023/ Early 2024


6-wheel Composite Lavatory (1st/ 3rd) in CIE dark green - 526 £33 Late 2023/ Early 2024


6-wheel Full Brake in CIE dark green - 18 £33 Late 2023/ Early 2024


6-wheel Brake 2nd in CIE light green - 100 £33 Late 2023/ Early 2024


6-wheel Brake 2nd in CIE light green - 101 £33 Late 2023/ Early 2024


6-wheel Composite Lavatory (1st/ 2nd) in CIE light green - 545 £33 Late 2023/ Early 2024


6-wheel 2nd in CIE light green - 426 £33 Late 2023/ Early 2024


6-wheel 2nd in CIE light green - 955 £33 Late 2023/ Early 2024


6-wheel Full Brake in CIE light green - 72 £33 Late 2023/ Early 2024


6-wheel 2nd in CIE black & tan - 79 £33 Late 2023/ Early 2024



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