Comparison of OO 0-6-0DE Ruston 165 'PWM' models

Trix OO 0-6-0DE Ruston 165 'PWM' Heljan OO 0-6-0DE Ruston 165 'PWM'
Manufacturer Trix Heljan
Year model introduced 1958 2023
DCC Capability DCC incompatible DCC Ready. 18-pin socket
Bodyshell - factory-fitted separate details
Company branding No Yes
Coupling cover panel No Yes
Etched Radiator Grille No Yes
Exhausts No Yes
Handrails No Yes
Headlamp Yes
Horn(s) No Yes
Lamp irons No Yes
Chassis/underframe detail
Air tank Yes
Correct-thickness "stamped" rods No Yes
Footsteps Yes
Handbrake wheel/ lever No Yes
Lubricator mechanism No Yes
Pipework No Yes
Sanding gear No Yes
Cab, footplate & interior detail
Detailed & painted No Yes
Glazing No Yes
Window wipers No Yes
Wheel "aesthetics"
Nickel-plated Yes
Painted Yes
Bufferbeam detail (pre-fitted)
Front valance No Yes
Pipework - pre-fitted to front No Yes
Pipework - pre-fitted to rear No Yes
Sprung buffers No Yes
Bufferbeam detail (in detailing pack)
Cosmetic coupling No Yes
Body Construction Diecast
Plastic with metal parts
Chassis construction Diecast
Loco-driven wheels (number of) 2 wheels
6 wheels
Minimum radius Radius 1
Radius 1
Coupling socket/mounting
Fixed Yes
NEM pockets No Yes
Coupling type Hornby Dublo/ Peco "Simplex" coupling
Tension lock
Weighting (to assist adhesion)
Within cab Yes
Within chassis Yes
Separating the body from the chassis Secured with one or more screws
Secured with one or more screws
Motor type Motorised (Unknown Type)
Motor location Within cab
Centre of chassis
Power collection 2 or 3 rail DC
2 rail DC
Working lights
Cab light (operated by magnetic wand) No Yes
Pickups Driving wheels only
All wheels
DCC speaker No provision for speaker
Provision for a speaker (dimensions unknown)
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