Comparison of N 0-6-0 Class 4F MR/LMS models

Lima N 0-6-0 Class 4F MR/LMS Graham Farish N 0-6-0 Class 4F MR/LMS Graham Farish N 0-6-0 Class 4F MR/LMS
Manufacturer Lima Graham Farish Graham Farish
Year model introduced 1975 1993 2015
DCC Capability DCC incompatible DCC compatible but no socket DCC Ready. 6-pin socket
Bodyshell - factory-fitted separate details
Handrails No No Yes
Chassis/underframe detail
Brake rigging chassis No No Yes
Cab, footplate & interior detail
Detailed & painted No No Yes
Glazing No No Yes
Houses digital decoder No No Yes
Houses PCB No No Yes
Permanently coupled to locomotive No No Yes
Wheel "aesthetics"
Chemically-blackened No No Yes
Solid-spoked wheels Yes
No No
Bufferbeam detail (pre-fitted)
Pipework - pre-fitted to front No No Yes
Pipework - pre-fitted to rear No No Yes
Chassis construction Lightweight
No Plastic & metal
Loco-driven wheels (number of) No No 2 wheels
Minimum radius Radius 1
No Radius 2
Coupling socket/mounting
NEM pockets No No Yes
Coupling type N-gauge standard Arnold-Rapido
No N-gauge Arnold-Rapido with NEM socket
Motor type No No Coreless
Motor location Tender
No Locomotive
Power collection 2 rail DC
No 2 rail DC
Pickups No No Driving wheels only
DCC speaker No provision for speaker
No No provision for speaker
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