Hattons announces forthcoming closure after 77 years in operation.

Hattons Closure - Customer FAQ

Tuesday, February 06 2024

Hattons Closure - Customer FAQ

It is with immense sadness that we share news of the closure of Hattons Model Railways, an institution in the hobby since 1946.

Over the decades, we've been privileged to serve enthusiasts and share our passion for model railways with hundreds of thousands of customers.

You may have several questions about how this has come about and how this affects you directly in regards to pre-orders, the trunk, pre-owned and more.

We've put together a small FAQ which we hope answers most of these questions.

General Info

  • The company is NOT insolvent. The company is being wound down in an orderly fashion, leaving no outstanding debts.

  • Changing market conditions have had a large impact on the business, we have seen this in declining customer numbers, changing customer demographics and supply chain disruption.

  • Increased cost of compliance has become a large factor. Brexit, GST and other operational costs of running an international business have all increased dramatically over the past few years.

  • We do not have an exact date for closing down as of yet. However, as of now, you can no longer place orders, place returns, or start a preowned trade in with Hattons.

  • Our website will remain active for the time being.


Below is a breakdown of various areas of the business and how they will be impacted.




Hattons Originals

We are pleased to let you know that all outstanding Hattons Originals projects have now moved over to our friends at Accurascale and Rails of Sheffield. 

The projects listed below will be produced and released as per our original announcements.

  • Batch 2 Genesis coaches WILL be produced and released as announced - via Rails of Sheffield.

    • GCR French grey & brown

    • L&Y brown & umber

    • Midland Railway crimson lake

    • LSWR salmon & brown

    • BR crimson

    • NCB blue

    • CIE dark green

    • CIE light green

    • CIE black & tan

    • GER Stratford brown

  • 50t Warwell Wagon reruns WILL be produced and released as announced - via Accurascale.

  • SECR P Class 0-6-0T reruns WILL be produced and released as announced - via Accurascale.

  • Andrew Barclay 0-4-0ST reruns WILL be produced and released as announced - via Accurascale.

  • Batch 3 Genesis coaches will NOT be produced at present.
  • Beilhack Snowplough reruns will NOT be produced at present.



  • All Trunks were emptied by Monday 5th February 2024.



  • The store is now permanently closed.


Kerbside Pickup

  • Kerbside pickup was deactivated on Sunday 11th February 2024.



  • We have suspended offering on and purchasing any Pre-Owned collections effective immediately.

  • Any collections which are already with us or that are en route will be processed and paid for ASAP.

  • As we have now stopped taking orders, no new preowned items will be added to the website.





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